Spring Wedding Favors


Spring Wedding Favors for that gorgeous spring wedding can be chosen to continue the spirit of spring, and the vibrancy of the spring air, as the guests settle back into their daily routine. Although Irish Spring soap and Spring Blossom air freshener might continue the essence of spring in the air, Spring Wedding Favors should leave guests with the opportunity to have a lasting momentum of your Spring Wedding, or at least a short enjoyable moment.

Wedding favors are a traditional part of every wedding. The classic wedding mints and almonds still sit in their netted baskets on some wedding tables, waiting to be taken home to children and grandchildren – and of course the token miniature bottles of alcohol or wine are always appreciated, but today’s wedding favors, particularly at spring weddings, are becoming much more creative. Just one internet search for wedding favors or spring wedding favors on the internet will bring you with millions of pages of results. And the spring favor that you choose will have a lot to do with not only your wedding theme, but also your budget.

Although a wedding favor serves to leave someone with that lasting impression of thanks in the form of a small token – the wedding favor will most likely be eaten, thrown away, or left to collect dust at the bottom of a toy box. It is the thought that counts. So why not give Irish Spring or Spring Blossom air freshener? Well if you engrave the soap with your wedding date, or create a metaphorical poem comparing your everlasting thanks to the smell of everlasting spring blossom air – the guests might even appreciate a little practicality. But Spring Weddings give you the perfect opportunity to give practical gifts that can create lasting memories and contribute to the environment – by giving wedding favors of spring seeds, plantable wedding favors or herbs. A new theme that has gained popularity is garden weddings.

The popularity of giving seeds, plants or herbs as wedding favors, particularly as spring wedding favors, has grown immensely. They are the ideal wedding favor that is light, practical and memorable. Most of all, cheap wedding favors such as seed packets doesn’t melt in your pocket! Whether your spring wedding has a small budget or you have unlimited spending, compliments of your dear Uncle Ralph that passed away last year, Spring Wedding Favors of seeds, plants or herbs are a simple solution to your Spring Wedding Favor dilemma.

Seed packet favors with a memorable poem of thanks are easy to distribute on the wedding tables. Laying down assorted packets of seeds also “seeds” communication at the table. Stories will begin to sprout around the table about favorite flowers and gardening traumas, and seedling packets will be traded around the table. It’s a great way for guests to begin interacting. Today, wedding favor companies provide pretty “plantable paper” with embedded seeds. An elegant design holds the seeds of your choice, and the guests put the paper in the ground (yes the whole paper) and the seeds will grow.

More elaborate spring wedding favors could include starter plants, complete with a vase, or even a small tree to plant in their yard. If you live in a dryer area, a spring cactus as a spring wedding favor provides a unique prickly touch to the wedding.

Spring Wedding Favors should represent the spring season and the spring theme of your wedding. Spring seeds, plants, herbs and even trees are available in their most basic form, and also as formally wrapped and displayed spring wedding favors. Give some thought to elegantly designed plantable paper seeds, or a small pot of spring flowers for your Spring Wedding Favors. And just think, you did the earth a favor, and Spring will always be sprouting with the memories of your spring wedding.

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