Summer Wedding Ideas


Every season offers its own beauty, but summer is perhaps ideal because the warmer weathers opens up a slew of decorating options. Filled with longer sun-filled days, warm weather, and a variety of food choices, the summer season is a prime time to marry.

There are many ways to make use of your creativity with summer wedding themes. These weddings naturally lead to outdoor ceremonies. The couple may choose to marry in a botanical garden or on the beach. In the summertime, urban couples may enjoy the scenic backdrop of a city landscape or public park, making summer wedding themes easy to develop.

With outdoor summer weddings, it is wise to assess the likelihood of an early morning or late afternoon wedding. In some areas of the country, weather conditions may reach unbearable temperatures. This is unsafe for any immune system, but high temperatures are particularly dangerous for elderly guests. For this reason, if you choose to host your summer wedding theme outdoors, do plan on obtaining a tent. Wedding tents provide cooling protective coverage from the often relentless rays of the sun.

Summer weather can affect your wedding ceremony decoration choices. Feel free to make use of nature in your ornamentation and planning of any summer wedding themes. This includes usage of seasonal fruits and in summer flowers as portions of wedding reception centerpieces and general adornment of the wedding site.

Evening summer weddings are naturally cooler than ceremonies which take place during daylight hours. After the evening wedding, one can host the reception outdoors as well. Even if events are held indoors, you can still continue to incorporate summer themes for the wedding. For example, couples can decorate tables with checkered tablecloths instead of the traditional elegance of the simple pastel colored table cover. Tea candles and lanterns will also add romantic notes to the any outdoor scene.

Bring light to an evening wedding with torches and strings of lanterns in the trees. An extra-summery idea is to use gingham tablecloths with a few sunflowers in metal watering cans as centerpieces.

Wedding favors may underscore the whimsy of the summer wedding theme. For example, instead of chocolate candies or pillar candles, couples can present monogrammed seashell favors to guests.

Food items must also reflect the season’s demands. The couple should consider summer food selections, such as barbecued meats, in addition to traditional food choices. Beverages and deserts, likewise, can also reflect summer spirits. Consider serving popsicles, berry lemonades and tropical flavored ice creams. This is not only unique, but may prove to be less expensive than traditional fanfares of wine, pie and cake.

Do remember that summer weddings demand appropriate fabric choices for the bride, groom and the wedding party. Linen and silk are ideal fabric choices, as are sheer cotton blends and crepe textiles. Furthermore, the warmer weather may be conducive to less formal attire, if desired by the couple. The groom for instance, may not need a jacket. Alternatively, he may don a white dinner jacket, as opposed to a black or navy suit. The bride may choose to wear a strapless or sleeveless gown in an airy fabric, a slip dress or another casually elegant dress.

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