The Proper Way to Deliver a Wedding Speech


Someone you know and love is getting married and you have either been asked to be part of the bridal party or specifically to give a speech. You must really love this person because not just anyone can give a proper wedding speech. If you are reading this then you must need some help in preparing your witty, intelligent, heartfelt, and poignant speech.

Do not wait until the last minute to write your wedding speech! Many people assume that they will have the right words when the time comes and instead they lose all train of thought as they stand in front of their friends and family and try to give a wedding speech that will honour the bride and groom. Simple preparation is all it takes and there are no points lost for reading the speech from a piece of paper. This is not school and you will not be graded.

Wedding Speech
The Proper Way to Deliver a Wedding Speech

What should you say in your wedding speech? This depends entirely on your relationship to the couple, but there are definitely some standard items that appear in all of the best wedding speeches. Always introduce yourself first and say what your relationship is to the couple. If you are a friend then mention how long you have known one another. Perhaps you have a short, funny, and interesting story that you can share. Just make sure that this story is not too embarrassing! This introduction is important as you begin your wedding speech.

Wedding speeches are often filled with those short stories about the personal relationship with the couple. It is wonderful to offer personal insight into their relationship, especially if you have seen it grow. Include such items as the things you admire about the couple either as individuals or as a unit. Say what you hope for them for the future. Finally, wish them love, luck, and happiness.

When giving a wedding speech, it is important to address the bride and groom as well as the rest of the guests. The wedding speech is meant for the couple, but guests will find those cute stories and heartfelt words to be very endearing. Speak loudly and clearly. Do not look at your feet. These are your friends and family, and there is no reason to develop a case of stage-fright in their presence. When you deliver your wedding speech, do it with all of the emotion that you feel for the bride and groom and it will be beautiful!

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