The Reception Decoration Theme


Decorations demands creative talent and imagination more so in wedding decorations since it is one of the most memorable events of any body’s life unless of course you marry many times. Decorating for weddings tends to be more challenging because of the themes selected more number of guests and consequent space and facilities to be provided. Further decorations at the reception hall or venue linger in the memory of the couple for the years to come. One needs to use all his imagination and creativity in decorating the reception hall where the guests assemble.

Reception Decoration Theme
The Reception Decoration Theme

The first and the most important factor to be considered in planning the reception decoration in a wedding is the theme selected or the venue of the wedding. the decoration required in the hall of church or a wedding hall distinctly differ from that is required in a beach wedding or still in a wedding arranged at a vineyard , garden or farm house. That is why the decoration of the wedding reception has a direct relation with the venue.

Selection of the Theme

If the theme has already been decided but you the next best option is to arrange the decoration suitable to the settings and ambience of the venue. On the other hand if you are yet to choose the venue consider the venue is suitable for the number of guests invited as well as the other facilities like dancing hall and dining arrangements goes well. Similarly each item of the decor need to synchronies with the wedding reception plan a factor mostly ignored and last minute adjustments and face saving measures are adopted. Let us take an example of a reception with a five course dinner or luncheon and one with a short cocktail reception. The candles that adore the reception hall need to go along with arrangement that is whether to go for short candles or tall pillar ones. Similarly color of the carpet of the hall and the general ambience of the hall all have to be considered while selecting the decorative.

Obviously the budget is a factor that determines the extent and the type of decoration you can afford. Though it would be nice to decorate the wedding reception with pomp and glory, the modern trend is to make it elegant modest and cheap. While considering a budget decoration the point to be considered are innovation, meticulous planning and planning ahead. Purchase of the decorative in bulk and from stores other than wedding supply stores and also making use of the seasonal flowers and items related to festivals like the lights and candles after the Christmas and red hearts after a valentine day are good options.

Use your imagination

Wedding Party favors are integral part of a reception. The choice and variety of party favors are plenty today. One is well advised to plan the same in advance with an idea of the budget set apart for the same and the number of expected guests to make a selection. The wedding party favors are available for as low as $1.5 and also costly items. Whatever may be the cost the item need to be useful for the guests and also needs to serve as a memento of the happy event?

Though all or some of the above tips may help one in making the decoration for the reception easy and simple it is the creative mind and the help of the artistic hands, whether of the family members or of the friends that make the reception unique and special. The skill lies right from the planning through the purchase and finally to the execution. The artist in you need to synchronies with the manager to make the event successful and memorable.

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