«The Vert» Nouvelle Etoile. Green Tea With Rose Petals for the bride

«The Vert» Nouvelle Etoile
«The Vert» Nouvelle Etoile. Green tea with rose petals

The fragrance called “Vert” is not classified as a luxurious fragrance for the bride. Nevertheless, his beautiful composition of the spirit. «The Vert» wins the height of the sound of aristocratic notes of green tea and roses. However, it is beautiful with its aristocratic simplicity and nobility of the sound of these simple notes.

Heart the fragrance is a fresh and floral tea with a delicate aroma of green tea leaves and petals of tea roses. From ancient times to the present day Queen of flowers – rose and king smoky flavours – green tea – an indispensable attribute of life of the aristocracy. Sweet-tart smell of strong brewed rose tea promotes casual conversation and pleasant pastime. Toilet water “The Vert” charming beautiful in its luxurious simplicity. This fragrance is the personification of true aristocratic naturalness, the sincerity that cannot be faked.

Heart notes with delicate warmth frame the base and top notes. The base of the fragrance presents notes of warm sensual musk, soft ambergris and uplifting oakmoss. The initial sound of this flavour is a delicate, slightly sour play of citrus, grapefruit and мandarin. In general, the fragrance can be characterized as fresh, green with a floral-citrus tint. He is very feminine, light, charming, romantic. Soft tea astringency indicates a strong character of its owner.

Aroma personifies a beautiful girl-aristocrat, with beautiful manners. The purity of the soul and genuine sincerity, openness to the world is reflected in its radiant eyes. She does not accept the laws of obedience because she has a playful childish immediacy. She is rich and successful and can afford not to worry about tomorrow. At the same time, the fragile strings of the nobility of her soul conceal a fiery sensual femininity and immense vitality.

“The Vert” – a fragrance that accentuates the softness, pliability, nobility of the feminine essence. Speaking of toilet water, “The Vert” it’s safe to say that this «aroma at all times!».

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