Tips for Choosing The Right Engagement Ring


The Right Engagement Ring
Of all the questions you will ask in your life, there are none as important as “the question.” When you are getting ready to ask for her hand in marriage, it is essential that you have a ring that really speaks true to your heart and shows the connection you two have developed. When that time comes, you won’t find a better option than a Charles &Colvard Forever One ring. To get you started, here are some tips to help with the choice.

Consider Her Style

Before considering anything else, the first factor you need to look at is what your partner really likes in her jewelry. Does she want a more vintage piece, or something modern? Is she interested in something simple, or something gaudy? There are so many different styles out there, that selecting the right one can be a difficult task, so before you even look at the stone, you need to consider the setting it is in.

Look at the Four C’s

As with any diamond you buy, you still need to consider the four C’s when you are looking at a Forever One ring. Since this is the most exclusive product line developed by Charles &Colvard, they are offered with limited options, but each of them is sure to make for a great engagement ring. When it comes to carat weight you will find some variety to help you select the appropriate size based on your partner’s taste. From there, you can examine the cuts and find one that suits your needs. Since they are made to the highest quality standards, they are available in limited shapes, but they cover all of the basics like round, cushion, square, and more. Next, the color of a Forever One stone will always be that brilliant white in the D-E-F range. Finally, the clarity is always extraordinary, offering a brilliance that you aren’t likely to see elsewhere.

Experience the Fifth C

While any diamond can account for these four C’s and knowledge of them can help guide your selection, your best bet is to look for a gem that comes with the allusive fifth C: confidence. All Forever One rings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which helps bestow you with the confidence you need while buying. What exactly does the certificate affirm though? It shows that you went with “The World’s most Brilliant Gem,” and made the choice to get only the best. It also shows that you understand quality and want a style that will really shine brightly for a lifetime. More than this, it shows that your love will burn deep for as long as the ring does, which is forever thanks to the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Selecting a Forever One Ring

Once you consider all of these factors, it makes it easy to see why so many decide to go with one of these brilliant stones in their engagement ring. A Forever One diamond offers a feel of warmth and comfort, a reminder of the loving bond that you and your partner share. When it comes time to pop the big question, make sure your partner feels special by offering her one of these exclusive rings.

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