Tips For Choosing The Wedding Dance


It has been a very common scene at the wedding that as soon as the first dance announcement was made the new comes to the dance floor with an awfully embarrassed look. And as the music starts they start making mess by wrong steps, tossing hither and thither and to and fro. It seems that they have got a new life as soon as the music comes to the end but they seems to be feeling uneasy at how to go off the floor.

Sometimes the monotony of the wedding dance also turns off the attention of the guests, which again is embarrassing for the bride and the groom on the dance floor. Hence the planned selection of the wedding dance is what is very much essential. But the plan must be simple enough to give a satisfactory performance on the floor before the guests after a little bit of serious practice. Choosing the right wedding dance basically involves choosing the right music.

Choosing The Wedding Dance
Tips For Choosing The Wedding Dance

Picking a perfect dance tune is the first step and perhaps the most vital approach to choose a wedding dance. The pivotal thing to be remembered while choosing the music is that the chosen music should match the occasion and the ideas and must be meaningful to the couple. But in case the choose to give a special performance with a special dance then certain other factors must be kept into the mind. The first thing is rhythm and the second length of the music. There are many wondrous symphonies that cannot be chosen for a wedding dance, as the beats and the rhythms will not allow proper stepping. If the music is too lengthy it may turn to be a mess at the fag end, while too short ones are also not preferred.

Wedding dance selection

Hence, the choice of the wedding dance should be such that the couple can enjoy dancing. It must be easy and enjoyable for both the dancers and the spectators as well. As a matter of fact the couple engaged in a wedding dance should be familiar to all types of dancing and this is what actually is expected, although not possible every time – especially insofar as the dance is concerned. As the far the wedding dance in concerned the partners should choose a creative slow dance like Schmooze Foxtrot. This ensures the avoidance of mistakes in steps and embarrassment. The wedding dance list basically includes the dances such as the traditional foxtrot, swing, waltz, cha cha, Latin ballroom dances and etc. it is advisable to choose the wedding dance that you are most familiar to.

However, wedding dance always allows two of you to do something very special together as a couple for your special guests on the special day. This in turn brings forth enough scope before you to pair up at the wedding dance following the traditional sequences. It is to be remembered that the wedding dance is not only for the new couple but also for any one and everyone who wants to enjoy dancing with his or her partner.

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