Top Three Ways to Relax and Breathe on Your Wedding Morning

Wedding Morning
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Have you ever been to an event or hosted an event where the hostess or you were stressed out and running about the entire evening, so that you forgot to relax and have fun?

You don’t want that to happen on your wedding day. Trust us. Hanging onto the perspective that no matter what happens, what matters most is that you will be married to the love of your life at the end of the day. Don’t forget to enjoy each moment, because it’ll soon be over.

Huff Post Lifestyles had a wonderful, insightful little article by Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of, on the top three ways to relax and breathe while you get ready for what is sure to be one of the most memorable days you will spend with your new husband.

In between pulling the final details together and walking down the aisle lies the time you spend getting ready for your wedding. It’s a time that is sometimes forgotten but is no less important, and the worst way to spend a morning prior to your event is focusing on stress (tip from be sure to hydrate – shy away from alcohol – and get plenty of sleep the night before – you’ll have time for drinks and sleepless nights on your honeymoon).

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1. Allow Plenty of Time: Regardless of whether a wedding coordinator is in your budget or not, have a timeline in mind (and on paper!) for the morning of your wedding. To start, know what time you need to realistically wake up. It’s important that you know when your makeup artist and hairstylist are arriving. If you are planning to do your own hair and makeup (tip from make sure your MOH or bridesmaid is packing some oil blotters and extra powder and lipstick for you to freshen up with throughout the day or evening), practice creating your look beforehand so you know precisely how much time to allow. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to inform your wedding party of this agenda too. Be sure to build in more time than you need, and always, always allow time for pictures! (tip from photos while you’re getting ready are always fun).

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2. Create Ambiance: Whether you’re spending your morning alone with your mom or with a group of your sorority sisters, create an easy, fun ambiance in which to get ready. Have one of your bridesmaids arrive prepared with a playlist filled with your favorite songs to listen to throughout the morning. Music has a way of keeping you calm, occupied, and having fun with your girlfriends. Second, make time to eat together whether you’re munching throughout the day on quick finger foods or sitting down for a more formal breakfast complete with mimosas. Lastly, what is a morning spent getting ready without clothes to relax in? Robes are a great option because they are feminine, comfortable, and will not mess up your hair (a serious win).

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