Tulle Decorations For The Wedding


Tulle, often thought of in terms of tutus, gown or veil ornamentation, is suitable for any number of wedding decorations. The fine, airy weft of this starched mixture of silk, rayon and/or nylon fabric is appropriate for countless innovative and interesting combinations.

Tulle Decorations For The Wedding
Tulle Decorations For The Wedding

When working with tulle wedding decorations, do plan your arrangements prior to cutting, folding or pinning. Although it appears light and airy, and is light in weight, tulle will easily wrinkle. Thus, unnecessary refolding will cause unsightly creases that may disturb the visual image one had envisioned.

Tulle is popular because of its accessibility. It may be purchased from any craft shop, hobby store, or fabric marketplace. Furthermore, tulle may be purchased, in bulk, from online dealers. It is relatively inexpensive and may be purchased by the yard.

Bolts of tulle for wedding decorations may be found in a variety of colors. Although white and cream are the most common colors, shoppers can also find tulle in shades of pastel pink, blue, purple and yellow, in addition to bold tints of red, orange, and green. The imagination then, is free to run wild on account of tulle’s incredible versatility.

Feel free to wrap tulle wedding decorations around the framework of the wedding arch. This fabric is ideal for such a project and will look attractive and elegant. Tulle is also durable, and when firmly pinned into place, is unlikely to appear droopy or limp as the hours go by. For that reason, it is preferable to satin or silk bows and can withstand the pressures of high temperatures, wind, or mist.

Potted flowers and plants will look very attractive with swatches of tulle wedding decorations wrapped around their containers. Likewise, tulle can be freely wrapped around entryways. In addition, tulle may be wrapped across church benches or pews for a soft and romantic effect.

Tulle is admired as an accent piece on individual chairs. The width of tulle fabric allows it to be folded over and draped on the backs and sides of chairs. Tulle can then be accented with floral arrangements and/or small bells, ribbons and bows. Tulle arrangements may also be imprisoned with pins, string, or crafting wire. You may drape the tulle, or arrange it in attractive displays of shorter, more formal views. Tulles may be manipulated to resemble bows.

There are other uses for tulle outside of seating decor. Tulle is an attractive fabric as an accent item in both live and silk floral arrangements. Floral arrangements can range from those of the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, or flowers carried by bridesmaids and flower girls. Additionally, wedding tulle can enhance the composition of a ring bearer pillow or table centerpiece.

Tulle may also adorn the walls and poles of the reception hall, as well as any available banisters. Feel free to wrap this fabric on the bumpers of a car and around the bridal chair.

Clearly, there are many ways to utilize tulle in your wedding decorating scheme. Be as creative as possible and make your day look as romantic as possible.

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