UK and NZ Brides Pony Up To Try On Wedding Dresses


Brides in Britain and New Zealand can add another line item to the wedding budget: charges for trying on wedding dresses. Some high-end bridal boutiques are now charging brides who want to try on the dresses, ostensibly to cover the time of shop workers who must work with brides-to-be. Shop owners are saying that many women who enter the store have no plans to buy their expensive gowns and can waste hours trying on dress after dress.

For some, the charge is a nuisance, ranging from £10 to £20. Other designers charge as much as £175 for “mirror-time” at their boutiques. For pricier stores, the charge is often deducted from any purchase a bride makes at the store. Store owners see nothing wrong with asking brides to pay to try on dresses, especially when it discourages brides from looking at dresses they can’t afford.

Shoppers aren’t as enthused, but many confess to understanding why shopkeeper are levying the charge. Many have also said that they would not mind paying the fee if it were deducted from the purchase price of the gown.

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