UK Cake Designer Turns Down Saudi Princess


A wedding cake designer in the UK was approached on behalf of a Saudi royal to create confections for a wedding cake in the shape of a giant chandelier. After receiving details of the job, Lesley Bassett says she was more than intrigued by the prospect of pitching in on the giant cake, but in the end, she could not accept the commission.
Lesley Bassett
The cake is to be two metres wide and supported by a metal pole through the centre of it. Crystals will hang from the side of the cake. The design, which was conceived of by the Princess herself, also called for hand-made sugar roses, rosebuds and leaves, which Bassett was being asked to create and ship to Riyadh.

Bassett decided that she simply did not have time to create the thousands of flowers and leaves required for the cake. She said that most brides book her cake services months in advance and she found it impossible to accept the royal commission because it would mean disappointing her own customers. In addition, her confectionery colleagues were also similarly booked, so calling in extra hands was unlikely.

Bassett confessed that another concern was shipping the delicate delicacies. She says she always transports the sugar flowers personally because of their fragility. With the long-distance travel from the UK to Riyadh and the high heat, she was afraid her countless thousands of flowers would have been lost in transit.

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