UK Couple Barters To Reduce The Cost Of Their Wedding


Dan and Gemma Scott, of Staveley Derbyshire reduced the cost of their wedding by about £9,000 by bartering for most of what they needed, including the church, the reception, their wedding photographs, wedding clothes and the cars they had organised for the day.

The couple worked free of charge for local businesses in exchange for wedding necessities. Dan, who is a plumber and part-time firefighter, installed lights at the church where the pair were married. In exchange, the pastor provided the venue free of charge. Gemma, who is a catering assistant, worked two days a week as a housekeeper at Ringwood Hall, the site of the couple’s reception, and Dan performed labour at a site owned by the company that owns Ringwood Hall. As it turns out, Dan worked on the couple’s honeymoon suite.

The idea to barter for the wedding and reception came from Gemma’s mother, who had seen a story about bartering on the BBC. The couple decided that they had nothing to lose, and worked hard to make their dream wedding come true.

In the end, the couple did spend £3,000 on their big day, but ended up not owing anyone anything, and had the wedding and reception they’d hoped for. The local businesses also felt like they got a bargain, and were happy to help the couple with their plans.

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