UK Wedding List Firm Struggles To Stay Solvent


Hundreds of UK couples who used the Wrapit wedding list service have been told that there will be further delay in getting wedding gifts that were ordered through the company. Wrapit, which serves about 300 couples per month, offers an upscale wedding list service for couples to select wedding registry gifts.

The service claimed to offer a broader range of goods than what is available through local retailers and promises to deliver wedding gifts purchased through the service by friends and family within eight weeks of when the couple closes its list. To date, hundreds of newlyweds are reporting waits of nine months or more to receive their wedding gifts.

The service is owned by Pepita Diamand, a former fashion journalist, who complains that Wrapit’s bank, HSBC, is to blame. The bank recently withheld £1 million in previously extended credit from the venture. This action put Wrapit into a tailspin and Diamand is now seeking credit assistance from the KPMG liquidation firm and other potential investors, though it has not announced that it is closing its doors. Wrapit has stopped taking new appointments from couples but is still working with couples who have already established a list with the firm.

The firm employs about 100 people and operates 15 showrooms around Britain. Officially, Wrapit says that it will provide refunds for any gifts purchased with a credit card. That’s of little comfort to newlyweds who were counting on the service to help them begin their married lives together and who charge that the service let not only the couples down, but also failed their guests who used the service in good faith.

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