Unique Wedding Gift Ideas


Guests often worry about selecting the ‘perfect’ wedding gift. However, wedding gift shopping should be a painless and fun task. Fortunately, there is a wide array of untapped potential for the spirit of wedding gift giving.

Guests must establish a price range prior to embarking on the search for the ideal wedding gift. Shopping within your budget will alleviate discomfort with the task at hand.

Give a gift that promotes intimacy. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One excellent choice is to provide matching bathrobes of high quality Egyptian cotton or terry cloth. For a personal touch, embroider their first name, last names, or both, onto the label of the garment. Another excellent wedding gift option is a set of luxury towels or bath linens with monogrammed stenciling. Again, the key is to personalize each item.

Avoid choosing sheet patterns as a wedding gift unless you are certain of taste preferences. Avoid choosing a pattern that is selected solely for the bride or groom. Remember that you want to address the needs and tastes of both individuals.

Unique wedding gifts may be useful, humorous, tasteful, or whimsical in nature. It is up to you. One unique gift preys on the sentimental nature of newly married couples. The artistic and creative gift giver may create a wedding scrapbook outlining the couple’s relationship to that point.

A scrapbook can highlight funny moments of the couple’s courtship, as well as important cornerstones of their intimate journey. One can make the scrapbook more personal by adding relevant wedding poetry, words of reflection and signatures of wedding guests to the book’s pages. It may also be interesting to invite friends and family to write down their pearls of wisdom regarding marriage.

Photography frames are excellent choices for wedding gifts. You may purchase a series of complementary frames so that the bride and groom are able to decorate a wall of their new living space with photos of deep meaning. Photo frames can range from traditional frames to shadow boxes to custom frames shaped like words or figures. A wedding gift box is a nice touch for small gift items. Wedding gift baskets are also very popular for multiple small items.

If your friends appreciate fine liquor, you may consider alcohol themed gift items. For example, the couple might appreciate subscriptions to a prepaid “wine of the month club.” Best of all is that this type of gift will remind them of you for months to come. Other ideal gifts are novelty martini shakers, artistic decanters, or unusual wine racks – especially in the case of a wine themed wedding.

Creative and sentimental gifts make use of the magical moment of the wedding. For example, you can purchase a beautiful silver or gold platter. Prior to the wedding, you can invite signatures. Once you add the date of their wedding, this plate will become a gift that will only increase in sentimental value. Similarly, hand-made items such as bedroom quilts are wonderful wedding gifts.

Guests should use all of their creativity in choosing a gift for this ultra-special occasion. As long as you purchase a gift with love and joy in mind, you will undoubtedly discover a unique way to honor this special moment in the lives of your friends.

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