Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas


The idea behind the wedding guest book was once to know the name and address of the guests who have attended the wedding. It also helped to send the thank you notes and also to cherish those golden moments with your loved ones later and remember them once in a while with a festival card or birthday greetings. It also added to your address book.. Gone are the days of these utilities. There is no need for a hard bound to remember the addresses of your friends in these days of personal digital assistants and personal organizers and the guest book become a simple ornamental piece soon after the wedding, only to be despised in a dusty closet. If you do not want to happen it for your wedding guest book, be different.

First and foremost you need to ensure that the guests sign the guest book and it is not one of those decorative pieces. I have observed many of those wedding guest books remaining half empty and does not serve the purpose for which it is bought. It is better to do away with the practice if you are one that do not subscribe to the idea of the guest book else assign a trusted friend or a responsible child to ensure that each guest sign the book as soon as they enter the reception hall and make a small token favor for signing the same. Sounds ridiculous? Not at all! The idea makes wonders since no one wants to lose something free however small it is! Alternately the book can also be brought to the rehearsal dinner making way for people to sign.

Personalized wedding guest books

Now a days personalized wedding photo guest book have replaced the conventional guestbook’s. It combines the Polaroid instant photos and hand written personalized statements of the guests replacing the conventional guest books and wedding photo album. These books have slots that allow the guests to take the photos of the moments they cherish and add an extended note also. This is all the more suitable for small weddings .Each book normally contain 30 pages or so and in case of large gatherings you may ask the photographer for the wedding to have an assistant to take the pictures that can be added to the guest book.

You can also make your guest book as personal as you want with little imagination and planning. Please attach a note near the guest book asking your guests to write the best moment they have shared with you or that they cannot forget and also to add some special photos to the address book if they can bring some. Such ideas make the guest book really marvelous and it will never find a place in the dust bin later.

Make the guest book quite attractive elegant and durable; after all you need to preserve it for a life time. Guest books in many varieties and qualities are plenty available in the market and while choosing one makes sure that you choose the best one that you would like to keep as a treasure for the rest of your life. It is a treasure of your most important memoirs of life and the proof of witness to an unforgettable day spend with the most loved ones.

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