Untraditional Wedding Gifts


Are you tired of giving the same, stale wedding gifts? Here are some unique and unusual wedding gift ideas for the untraditional bride and groom.

One gift we received at our wedding that we both loved was a set of cookbooks from exotic locales. A set of six in all, we now have a complete collection of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Hawaiian and Indian cookbooks.

Indian Cookbooks
Indian Cookbooks – Untraditional Wedding Gift

We were delighted to receive a great set of Henckels knives. How long I have been trying to cut tomatoes with my one decent bread knife! Maybe not the most romantic gift but the one thing they will use forever.

Is there a really fancy restaurant in your town? How about a gift certificate? Maybe indicate on the card that the certificate is to only be redeemed on their 1 year anniversary. Or how about a restaurant located in the town they are visiting on their honeymoon? Do some research and provide a printed review to wet their appetite.

Ceramic guestbook platters are a modern twist on the more tradiational wedding gift idea. Order one of our platter kits. We have several designs to choose from. The kit comes with a special marker and instructions. Bring the platter to the wedding and take charge of getting the guests to sign it. You may want to check with the couple first but this gift makes a great surprise!

After the wedding, wrap the platter in its original packaging and return it to us. We will fire the platter once to seal the signatures of the guests. Next, we glaze the platter with a clear glossy coat. After the final firing, the platter is food-safe and washable. The guests signatures are exactly how they signed them and now a permanent part of the platter! Supply us with the name and address of the couple and we will ship the platter directly to them. They will love their ceramic guestbook platter and thank you for the unique wedding gift idea.

A great last-minute wedding gift idea is a gift certificate for a watercolor painting. Even if the wedding is just days (or hours!) away, we can send our wedding gift certificates by email directly to the bride and groom’s email address. The email will explain that the couple has received a custom watercolor painting in the size that you have chosen and will give instructions on how to redeem the certificate. After the couple receives their wedding photos, they can choose their favorite to have recreated by artist Ruthie Friedman in watercolor.

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