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The great thing about American weddings is the simple fact that they come in so many different forms. When you hear the term, America wedding, you could actually be thinking of a lot of different styles of weddings and various cities including Las Vegas, Chicago and others. On top of that, you may be thinking of a blend of different wedding styles as well. Today we are going to talk about the different things that have changed American weddings. We will also talk about how Canadian weddings have both been changed and have changed American weddings.

American Wedding
USA Wedding

First of all, American weddings are so different from all other types of weddings around the world, because there are so many different kinds of people that live here. People from all over the world come to America to start a new life or to improve their lives. When they come to this area, they fall in love with the American culture. At the same time they still have their own culture that means a lot to them as well. Keeping that in mind, having a wedding in America can be very different. You are able to add in different aspects from all different cultures into one. Let’s say that you love Japanese weddings, but you also like European weddings. Well, American weddings can put both of these two different styles together. This can be done no matter how different the cultures are.

An America wedding does not have any kind of real style. If you had to classify an American wedding, then most people just say that it would be a “traditional wedding.” This is where you have a bride and groom, and they have their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The groom waits at the end of the isle, and the bride is walked down by her father. Then they read their vows, get married, and then kiss. However, anyone that has been to an America wedding knows that more goes on than just this. That is because other cultures have been added into the mix.

Whenever you have two countries that share borders, you know that they are going to share some cultural ideas. This has happened with America and Canada. When you think of traditional Canadian weddings, you think of French weddings. This is because Canada has French roots. So it only makes sense that they would use some of the same ideas for weddings. However, a Canada wedding can also have some American wedding themes as well. This is because they share a border with America and some ideas have crossed the border.

Canada Wedding
Happened Canada Wedding

Thus, when you look at the information that we just talked about, it’s pretty safe to say that Canadian weddings also include a lot of different themes as well. Since America is made up of different wedding themes and these ideas have been passed over to Canada, it only makes since that they have some mixed culture as well. Of course that being said, Canada does have very traditional weddings, as far as French weddings are concerned.

So you may be reading this and saying that America has to have some kind of wedding theme that fits as their “main” wedding theme. If you have to look at it like this, then American weddings are very European in style. Although this is a very broad way to look at it, America is a very broad place. There are a lot of different ideas that have been added into one place. Of course, that is what makes American weddings so great.

The good news is that no matter what kind of wedding you want, you can bet that America is the place to have it. The wedding planners in America have worked with just about every kind of wedding idea that you can come up with. Thus, there is nothing new that you can throw at them that they will not be able to handle. So if you are going to have an America wedding, then you might as well make it something very unique. Try to look at some different cultures that you like, and think of some ways that you would like to add that culture into your wedding. This can be anything from colors, themes, decorations, live music, catering or whatever. For example,you could have music from Japan in your wedding, but maybe some food from Spain. There is no reason why you can not have everything that you want in your wedding.

The main thing that you have to remember is that you should not overdo the number of cultural themes in your wedding. One and two is fine, but having three or four different cultures mixed into your wedding is not going to look good. It is going to make the whole thing feel kind of jumbled together. Try to keep your wedding as simple as possible, and you will see that USA weddings can be the best weddings in the world, because they include things from all over the world!


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