Valentine’s Day Engagement Photo Op


Tomorrow, as we all know, is Valentine’s Day. For most men, they view this holiday as them being forced, with a chain and ball, to further demonstrate romance and are afraid they will mess it up or not measure up to our expectations. For women, we view this day as just another excuse to shower our man with affection (much like we view a birthday party as an excuse to party it up with dear friends) through baked heart-shaped goodies, sweet words of admiration and whatever else we can come up with to make this day more personally tailored to him.

Valentine's Day Engagement
Photos by Simply Bloom Photography

Some of us are holding our breath in anticipation, asking ourselves, “Is tomorrow the day he’ll choose to pop the question?” or “Is tomorrow the day he’ll tell me ‘I love you’ for the first time?” If he does neither of those things, don’t despair, hate him or break up with him, ladies. See it from their view — that tomorrow, to do either of those things, is perhaps too cliché or predictable. Instead, marvel and revel in the fact of how blessed you have been by this man in your life, and reflect on how much he’s done for you. Tomorrow will and can still be special if you so choose.

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