Wanted: Decent Wedding Guests


A Ukrainian woman who is marrying her man in London, England has posted a classified ad in search of 30 guests for her wedding. The groom’s family and friends make up the bulk of the couple’s guest list, but only the bride’s parents – who still live in the Ukraine – will share the bride’s special day. The bride would like to find guests who are willing to make her special day – well, special.

Prospective wedding guests must send a picture and a note about themselves, and in return, will receive an invitation to sit on the bride’s side of the church and celebrate afterwards at the reception.. Some volunteer guests will be pressed into service as bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers.

The bride and groom expect to entertain about 150 guests at the nuptials. While many people dread attending weddings, they do provide an opportunity to meet some new and interesting people.

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