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Wedding announcements are a wonderful way to let friends and family know that you’ve gotten married, especially if you’ve eloped or had a small, quiet wedding. Do rules of etiquette apply when sending out wedding announcements, and if so, what are they?

Wedding announcements are always sent out after the wedding has taken place. Purists believe the announcement must go out the day of the wedding. Others take a more relaxed attitude and state that the announcement should go out “soon” after the wedding has taken place but any time within the first year of marriage is acceptable.

If wedding invitations were sent out, the announcements should match the invitations. Just like wedding invitations, wedding announcements are mailed in a double envelope and are addressed according to the same rules. The wording is similar to that used on the wedding invitation, except that:

“request the honour of your presence”
is replaced with

“have the pleasure of announcing”

The full date of the wedding, including the year, is normally included on a wedding announcement.

Traditionally, formal wedding announcements are issued from the bride’s parents, but if the bride and groom hosted their own wedding and issued the invitations in their own names, it’s perfectly acceptable to issue the announcement likewise.

If the bride and groom issue their own announcements, they can be formal or informal. On a formal announcement, the bride’s name appears on the first line of the announcement, “and” sits by itself on the second line, and the groom’s name appears on the third line of the announcement. These invitations do not “have the honour of announcing.” They just announce.

Susan M. Smith
John P. Jones
announce their marriage
on July 11, 2018
at St. George’s Cathedral in Springfield

If a couple announces their own wedding, an “at-home” card is often included, which supplies the address and contact information for the couple. Recipients are never expected to send a gift, but they often send a card with their good wishes for the couple.

Wedding announcements are only sent to friends and family who did not attend the wedding. Additional information about the ceremony, explanations or personal notes are not normally included with the announcement.

Weddings are sometimes announced in the newspaper. With newspaper announcements, timeliness isn’t critical. If you plan to announce a wedding via your local newspaper, contact the paper for guidelines on the information they will need to publish your announcement.

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