Wedding Announcements and Wording


Marriage is one of the most memorable and exciting things a person does in his lifetime. Wedding preparations take a lot of time, money and attention to detail. However, the wedding is not the end of it; there are some things that have to be taken care of after the wedding, mainly sending of wedding announcements.

Wedding Announcements
Wedding Announcements and Wording

With an announcement, people get to know that you both have been officially married. It is the duty of the bride’s side to make the wedding announcements. There are basically many ways to make this happen, and newspaper announcements are the most common. If you opt to use the paper, you have to first contact the paper to get information on the format needed. The wedding page of the paper usually has free wedding announcement guidelines. As different newspapers have different ways of making announcements for weddings, it is important that you keep this point in mind when submitting to various newspapers. You may be charged for the service by some papers, while others give it for free. There are some newspapers that print wedding photographs with the listing, if required. So it is always better to check with the paper first.

The matter for the wedding announcement depends on what you want to print, and the rate of the paper. Some of the papers will only require that you fill out a form; while there are other papers that call for submission of your own matter. When wording the announcement for the wedding, you have to include the bride’s full name, names of the parents of the bride and their residential address. The names of both grandparents from both sides of the family need a mention in the announcement along with information pertaining to the college or school the bride graduated from. Of course, the name of the groom, his residential address, again names of both grandparents of both sides and the occupations of the groom’s parents. The school or college the groom attended also deserves a mention, his job and details pertaining to the wedding; like the date and venue, names of guests and relationship to the bride and groom. If you want, you could also include information on where the couple plans to go for their honeymoon and any other piece of information that you find interesting for readers of the announcement.

You could also consider sending personal wedding announcements, instead of the newspaper. This type of announcement is sent in the name of the bride’s parents and goes to friends, relatives and to guests who may not have been able to attend the wedding. The message should be sent immediately after the wedding day at the same time as thank you cards are sent. There is no point in wasting time by stalling. Weddings held on Saturdays should have an announcement by Monday at the latest.

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