Wedding Cake Savings


Budget-conscious brides looking to save money on their weddings are turning to bakery fakery to save a bundle. A common element for most wedding receptions is the cake, but a traditional multi-layer wedding cake can cost hundreds – or even thousands of dollars. To help avoid busting the wedding budget, some brides are using fake cakes to solve the problem.

Wedding Cake Savings
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A real layer of cake is built into a multi-tiered dessert and is used for the traditional cake-cutting event. Other layers of the cake are simply frosted Styrofoam pieces that are decorated like the real thing, and are carted back into the kitchen where the real cutting and distribution takes place. Guests are served pieces of sheet cakes, which are much more economical, easier to produce and cut, and don’t require the substantial decoration time that wedding cakes require.

The savings can be significant: one-half to two-thirds the cost of a bona fide multi-layer wedding cake. Wedding “fakes” also stand up better to heat and transportation, and guests are usually none-the-wiser.

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