Wedding Cake Traditions


What wedding would be complete without a wedding cake? Wedding cakes seem to be the one aspect of weddings that people all over the world agree upon. But not all cakes are created equal! Many countries around the world have some very different and amazing cakes as a part of their wedding traditions.


One of the most unusual wedding cakes in the world can be found in Lithuania. The shakotis, or tree cake, is a tower of confection that looks very much like a pine tree. Traditionally, a shokotis is baked on a revolving spit over an open fire, a custom which dates back to medieval times of cooking before the hearth. The shokotis has a light texture and is not too sweet, so it appeals to a variety of palettes.


On this island, wedding cakes are topped with a small sapling. After the wedding, the newly-married couple may plant the tree and watch it grow throughout the years.


For a truly indulgent wedding cake, it`s hard to beat the French creation, croquembouche. The name translates as a crunch in the mouth and it`s easy to see why. A croquembouche is made a stacking cream-filled pastries into a cone, then dipping the creation in hot toffee or caramel. The topping hardens, and individual portions are broken off for each wedding guest. A croquembouche may be drizzled in chocolate and decorated with ribbons and flowers, as well, making it a wedding cake that is both delicious and beautiful.


In Peru, it is the wedding cake that different, but the tradition associated with the cake. Charms are placed between the layers of cake, attached to colorful ribbons. At the ceremony, each single lady pulls out one of the ribbons, and the lady who finds the the ringĀ charm will supposedly be married within the next year! In recent years, this tradition has migrated to the southern United States, though sometimes a special cake with ribbons may be made for the bridal shower rather than the wedding itself.


The traditional Norwegian wedding cake is cake at all is bread. White flour was once scarce in Norway, so bread was highly prized. Brudlaupskling, the wedding bread, is topped with cream, syrup, and cheese, then cut into squares to serve to guests.

These are only a few of the interesting wedding cakes and wedding cakes tradtions from around the world. Perhaps one of these cakes will inspire your creativity!

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