Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Reception Centerpieces and Homemade Ideas


Caterer? Check. Band? Check. Hotel reservations? You bet! Wedding centerpieces? Don’t tell me you’ll figure something out later, or that your sister-in-law was in charge of that. Wedding reception centerpieces are the basis for reception hall decor. They tie your theme together and provide a visual anchor for your guests. They set the mood of the party, from casual to ultra-elegant. With such an important role, why are they at the bottom of your to-do list? If you’re not sure what you want, but you know you don’t want anything like your cousins’ centerpieces, read on. Unique or homemade wedding centerpiece ideas can be easy to design, easy to set up, and easy on your wallet.

Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Reception Centerpieces and Homemade Ideas

A wedding table centerpiece revolves around one large item, surrounded by smaller items. What is your large item? Consider your theme and what is available to you. For more traditional wedding centerpieces, look for glass bowls, curvy vases or hurricanes. Create a modern look with straight-sided vases. Channel nature with wooden or bamboo bowls, baskets, or metal chargers in earth tones. If you’re trying to go fun and informal, look for beach buckets, milk pails, even boxes covered in colored paper. It is of note that an extra bit of ‘pizazz’ can be achieved by planning ahead and matching the bridal shower centerpieces to the wedding decor.

Before deciding what to place in your container, consider the feeling you want in your reception hall. For your wedding centerpieces, choose something that sparkles, like glass drops, acrylic aquarium “glass,” or large beads to imbue the room with elegance. Float floral candles in water for a romantic look, or use tall wedding votive candles. Often floating candle centerpieces are used as a unique alternative. Use smooth river stones, Spanish moss and flowers for a natural, airy feel. Inspire playfulness with kids’ party favors. Out of ideas? Consider dividing your wedding favors into low bowls. As long as they won’t crush each other, they’ll make for beautiful and functional wedding reception centerpieces.

Phase three of your plan involves the smaller items that surround the wedding centerpiece. The easiest route to take is to use extra filler and simply sprinkle it on the reception table. This works very well with glass or stones. For floral arrangements, use smaller blooms that have been cut from the stem. Iridescent glitter and confetti can look elegant if chosen carefully and used in moderation for wedding reception centerpieces

Not in the mood for sprinkles? Skip the mess and effort with a table runner. Make them in a jiffy from strips of fabric in your wedding colors, hemmed with fabric glue. You can fake a runner by stretching lengths of wide ribbon down each table, making a striped effect. Or, lay cloth napkins down the center, corner-to-corner, for a different look.

Your centerpieces for the wedding tables may be the most important part of your wedding decoration. Why go with a tired look, or entrust the project to someone else, when you can use them as an opportunity to express your unique voice? Whether your event is a Cinderella wedding or a laid-back party, you owe it to yourself to set the tone of your wedding reception with well-thought-out wedding reception centerpieces. Luckily, the supplies can be very inexpensive and set-up can be so simple that you can cross them off your list with a smile. Now, about the thank-you gifts…

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