Wedding Ceremony Decorations


As soon as my husband proposed for marriage, I knew exactly how I wanted our wedding ceremony to be. I hadn’t planned it all my life, but our meeting and relationship was unique, and I wanted our wedding to match accordingly to the theme I wanted – the beach.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations
Photo: Charlotte Geary Photography

When planning a beach wedding, the wedding ceremony decorations begin with a nearly blank slate. A wedding decorator, in this case myself, is given a canvas of sand with an ocean blue backdrop. The rest is up to the imagination.

Many wedding ceremonies are held in churches with a natural centerpiece being the alter or pulpit. For my own wedding ceremony decorations, I did not want such a centerpiece. I chose an iron arbor to serve as the center of the wedding ceremony. I dressed the arbor in white sheer chiffon, weaving it in and out of the criss-cross design on the metal feature. From this main feature of the wedding ceremony decorations, the officiate performed the service.

When dealing with wedding decorations on the beach, there are no beautifully carved pews to serve as seating as well as decoration. Instead, guests stand to watch the ceremony. To help form an organized “room” on the beach, I chose to arrange five white chairs on either side of the arbor, angled to accentuate the arbor as the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony decorations. All white chairs were draped in the same sheer chiffon used on the arbor, and blue organza ribbons gathered the chiffon at the back of the chair. The chairs created a gathering area for the bride’s guests as well as the groom’s and allowed seating for elderly or disabled guests.

The wedding ceremony decorations that formed the aisle were simple galvanized metal buckets filled with blue hydrangeas. The aisle led the arbor and again helped to organize the space.

At the entrance of the beach, guests walked a natural path that led over the dunes. A simple stick construction fence encased the dunes. As added wedding decorations for the ceremony, simple, single stem vases were hung along the fence for the enjoyment of guests as they entered the area. Single calla lily stems stretched out from each vase.

The result of the wedding ceremony decorations was one of simple elegance and focus on the beautiful surroundings. The white chairs and chiffon didn’t compete with the tan soft tan color of the beach, and the blue chiffon highlighted the blue of the ocean backdrop.

Decorating for a wedding ceremony can be complicated and expensive, but for a beach wedding, the task was simple and inexpensive. Ten yards of chiffon, several yards of chiffon ribbon and vases were all purchased at a local craft supply store. Calla lilies are very popular flowers that can be ordered from any florist, and the arbor was a slightly expensive purchases that now graces our backyard and will for years to come.

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