Wedding Ceremony Fans


The wedding ceremony today is no longer a traditional affair as more and more couples today are making moves to make their wedding a novel and memorable affair. New ideas and thoughts include the wedding ceremony fan, which is a unique means of letting your guests know about your wedding program while keeping them cool.

In addition to this, these wedding ceremony fans can also be used to thank guests for having spent time with you on your wedding. They are also great for use in warm weather, outdoor weddings as they keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony. Wedding fans for the ceremony are available in a variety of papers, and can be custom printed so that you can make it match your wedding theme and ensemble.

When choosing your wedding ceremony fans, remember that it is not possible to have photos printed on paper of darker colors. Choose your favorite color while keeping this point in mind if you intend to have pictures printed on the fan. If you can afford it, it is possible to have your wedding fans be made from other materials like silk and sandalwood.

If you choose silk fans, you can have your program and design printed on it with bamboo staves. You have a large number of colors to be used in your hand painting like pink, beige, red, white, green and yellow. These silk fans have delicate wood panels that are covered with gauzy silk and work both as a wedding program and a wonderful Asian inspired accessory.

The Chinese sandalwood fan is another option for your wedding fan. These fans look attractive with the intricate filigree pattern found on the wood panel which produces a wonderful display on spreading the fan. Sandalwood wedding ceremony fans usually come with a lovely satin ribbon which is found in different colors. You can personalize the fan with perhaps your names and wedding date, to give an added touch to the fan.

In addition to different materials being used for wedding ceremony fans, you can also custom design your order for the fan so that it suits your wedding theme. You can change the shape of the fan from traditional to tropical wedding hand fans; which are traditional, heart and seashell shapes. When personalizing these wedding ceremony fans, you can also choose the lettering styles to be used on it, the ribbon styles and colors and any background or monogram you wish to add to your wedding ceremony fans.

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