Wedding Favor Charms


Charms are becoming a more and more popular trend for wedding receptions. Chances are that you may have heard of these small keepsakes, but never quite understood what they were.

The biggest question which you may be wondering is what are wedding favor charms? What do they look like and what are they used for? Well, they are charms which are used as a way to “add some pizazz” to your unique favor ideas, and include metallic labels, adornments and tiny trinkets. They look just the type of charms which you would add to a charm bracelet, except that they are meant to go on wedding favors. They are a great way to more or less personalize, or customize, the favors that you give out at your wedding.

Wedding Favor Charms

So, what types of wedding favor charms are available for you to choose from? Well, there are a variety of them. For starters, you can find ones that say “thank you” or “love.” You can also find them in a variety of different shapes. Typically, the most common shape to use for these lovely charms is a heart. Other common designs include angels, a bride and a groom, presents and bells.

One of the main problems that many people tend to come across is whether or not they should give everybody the same wedding favor charms or if they should give everybody different charm favors. Well, what most people tend to do is give one type of charm to the men who attend the wedding reception and give another type to the women who attend the wedding reception. Typically, you will give them small keepsakes which are based on their gender. For example, you could give all of the women a ballerina wedding charm, while you give all of the men a baseball or football wedding charm.

No matter what type of wedding favors you plan on giving out, if you are looking for a great way to dress it up, wedding favor charms are a great choice for you. Not only will they add some decoration to your momentos, but they are also a great way to customize your gifts (by seperating favors meant for women versus men). You can also feel rest assured that your guests will be bound to love these little charms, as they are a great finishing touch on any wedding favor.

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