Wedding Favors And Wedding Keepsakes


Unlike wedding favors, which can be kept or disposed, wedding keepsakes are gifts given to treasure. Quite often, those that give personalized wedding keepsakes can find their gift in their recipients home years down the road. Whether it’s a small knick-knack, a photo album, a disposable camera from the wedding, or a piece of decoration, anything can be a wedding keepsake.

Wedding Keepsakes
Wedding Favors And Wedding Keepsakes

When wedding planning, it can be hard to decide what the appropriate gifts are for wedding keepsakes. Not everyone shares the same taste in keepsake ornaments. While some of your guests may treasure the idea of having a token from your wedding, others may prefer a edible wedding favor. It’s a difficult choice to make.

Nevertheless, this is not say that your personalized wedding keepsakes have to be given to your guests. You can give your guests wedding favors, and keep small keepsakes for the wedding from your own wedding for yourself. This is quite common as many brides preserve their bouquets, freeze their wedding cakes, and keep their gowns forever. It’s a way of encapsulating the wonderful events from the most memorable night of your life.

What tokens will you keep from your wedding? What tokens, if any, will you give from your wedding? In addition to wedding favors, some couples give immediate family copies of their wedding album. This is a wonderful wedding keepsake personalized gift to give to the parents of the bride and groom. Parents can brag and display images from the wedding to their neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

While many married couples keep the cakes from their wedding, they do not attempt to keep any of the food. Because food often comes by plate, nothing is wasted. Nevertheless, if you’ve had catering serviced in bulk, you may wish to donate extra food to the needy. There’s no sense of bringing large amounts of food home if you’re never going to eat it.

Toasting glasses, cake, cake toppers, wedding accessories, wedding gowns, and flowers are all commonly kept by the modern bride as a keepsake from the wedding. Sometimes the bride will go the extra mile to preserve flowers for the flower girl as a personalized wedding keepsake momento in addition to her tiara.

Despite this information, other couples choose not to preserve wedding flowers. Instead they use centerpieces and decorative floral arrangements and incorporate them into the wedding favors. Snipping a piece of the centerpiece floral arrangement for each of her female guests.

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