Wedding Flower Guide and Planning


As important as the wedding attire itself, the work which consists of choosing the perfect flowers is much simplified if there is a guide to follow. The flowers needed to fill out the reception and the ceremony is a puzzle for many, even though they might know of the flowers they fancy in their own bouquet. To make the wedding special, it is important that every aspect should be made unique.

Most people like to personalize their weddings, and make it a more private affair. To achieve this end, they do not leave all the decisions in the hands of the professional florist who is certain to do their duties exceedingly well. Sometimes, a local florist is not approached at all, when the parties think that a wholesale retailer is a better idea, with who they can pick and choose the flowers they want to order to make their own bouquets, corsages and so on.

Wedding Flower Guide
Wedding Flower Guide and Planning

In order to echo your personal style, and fashion your own wedding flowers, one could glance through an ordinary floral craft book for all the tips and instructions needed, especially if one is the innovative type. As “practice makes perfect”, it is a good idea to buy some flowers to practice with well before the wedding is to be held. However, whatever is resolved, there are some customary rules and propositions which are to be followed, to help make sure you’ve taken care of the basic necessities.

For the church, it is advised that wedding flowers include the altar flower arrangements as well as the pew adornments. Wedding flowers for the reception, however, should include those for the bridal table, table centerpieces and the buffet table .The bridal party should have, for sure, the bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, the maid of honor’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquet, the best man’s boutonniere, the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, the flower girl’s bouquet, the small bouquet which is to be tossed by the bride, the mother of the bride’s/groom’s corsages, the father of the bride’s/groom’s boutonnieres, and the grandparents’ corsages and boutonnieres.

It is usually seen that the bouquet for the maid of honor is more sophisticated than the other bridesmaids’ bouquets, as is the best man’s boutonniere than the rest of the groom men’s. Similarly the parent’s boutonnieres should be different from the stepparents, if there are any, and all the grand parents should have different corsages and boutonnieres so as to differentiate easily. To save expenses, wedding flower preparations from the church can be used in the reception hall and also, the bridesmaid wedding bouquets could be placed in waiting urns and used as ornamentation for the bridal table.

The wedding flowers should reflect your self, as this is your most important day, and helps in making your grand day extra-grand.

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