Wedding Hair Accessories


While choosing her accessories, a future bride might want to recollect this familiar rhyme: “Something old, something new something borrowed something blue.” That poem suggests that a bride should be wearing at least one item that matches each of the four mentioned characteristics. Selection of the wedding hair accessories can easily satisfy those suggested requirements.

Perhaps the mother of the bride has a piece of old jewelry that the bride can wear on her special day. The bride’s mother might have a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings that the bride would like to wear to match the wedding hairstyle. Usually, bridal jewelry accessories obtained from the bride’s mother are not new pieces of jewelry. By wearing such an item, the bride should have something old.

There is no rule that says one can not have wedding hair accessories that are both old and borrowed. If a piece of old jewelry comes from the bride’s mother, it can be the bride’s one borrowed item. Still, a bride might want to borrow something from her father as well. Some brides wear a pocket watch on a chain as an accessory. Maybe the bride’s father has some other item that the bride can put on a hairpin, and can thus wear in her hair.

Wedding Hair Accessories

A bride seldom needs to rely on her wedding hair accessories in order to wear something new. Still, the huge number of such accessories can accommodate any bride who will not be wearing a new bridal gown. Such a bride might, for example, want to purchase a new headband or a wedding tiara. One online store, “,” offers a tiara that can later be used as a necklace.

The online bridal accessories for hair or jewelry do not appear to offer much in the way of “blue” items. That fact should not upset a future bride. There are a number of ways to tuck a bit of blue into a wedding outfit. The bride might want to start by looking at items such as hankies.

The bride should look for a lovely handkerchief that contains an obvious spot of blue. The bride can then consider ways to walk down the aisle, while carrying that hankie on her person. She might want to tuck the hankie into a garter belt. Such belts can easily be ordered from an online store.

If the bride does not plan to wear a garter, then she might want to secure a safety pin. That could be used to attach the hankie to her wedding gown.

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