Wedding Hair Styles: Choice and Planning


The dream day of your life is fast approaching and you are confused about which style you want to adopt! It is really difficult if you do not have many close friends or relatives to help you make a decision. The wedding is really the day of the bride, and ideas for wedding hair styles is no exception. You are the connoisseur of many an eye on that day and even a small lapse would be noticed and commented upon that would leave you embarrassed. No need to be panic, if you plan well and spend a few hours for the making up of your hair on that special occasion you can be relaxed and enjoy the day and also be proud of your stylish wedding hair!

Personal Choice

Making up of the hair on the wedding day depends on the length and the type of hair you possess. It is easy to go for any wedding hair style for those who have long silky hair. But all of you are not having long thick hair! Do not worry since that is no concern. There are very attractive hair styles for weddings for both medium and short hair, although the choice may be a bit limited. One popular style is the wedding updo.

The first point one need to consider is that the hair style you adopt needs to match well with the wedding gown you have already chosen. It also needs to accentuate with your face. It doesn’t end there since not all face is suitable for all the styles. Hence it requires the expertise of a hair stylist to judge the style that most suits you.

If you have long hair, it gives you ample choice for a variety of wedding hair styles but still restrictive compared to medium length. You may try putting part of it up and part down with the help of braids and clips or still make it all the way curl or curly only at bottom . Thus you can a present a beautiful look both from front and back. On the other hand if you have too short hair adds some highlights to it and can make it stand like bed head. Remember to put some curls on the hair. Those among you who have medium curl hair are luckier to have elegant styles either putting it up or down. If you choose traditional dress leaving it up makes it look smart and elegant.

A little planning

Thinking about the style of your hair? Yes unless you plan about the style you are going to adopt you may have problem fixing it later with your wedding dress. Make sure of the most appropriate style so that you can go for the right accessories that go well with your hair, face and the time of the ceremony!

Today rarely anybody try styling the hair on the wedding day all by oneself or with the help of friends or relatives. In deciding who needs to be hired require a little research. Many wedding decoration and bridal decoration sites gives you stunning ideas about wedding hair styles and about the stylists. Bridal magazines are the other source. Before finalizing the stylist never forget to get a feed back from among the friends or acquaintances. The choice of the style and the stylist also has bearing on the type of hair you have. It would be better to discuss the matter with the hair stylist in advance and come to a conclusion rather than start testing just before the make up during the appointed day.

Further get the hair set once well before the wedding day and see that the style suits you and is quite comfortable. After all your style should not be uncomfortable to spoil your mood and along with it the most special day of your life. You can alternatively carry a photo of the wedding dress and that would make the job of the hair stylist easy. It would be also advisable to inform the stylist about the details of the wedding ceremony like, whether it is formal or informal or whether it is in the evening or during the day time and also the theme so that an imaginative wedding hair stylist can plan and suggest the most appropriate style that suits well for the occasion.

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