Wedding In The Caribbean A Cocktail Of Romanticism


With destination weddings becoming more popular and affordable, more and more couples are now headed for the Caribbean to make their marriage ceremony a memorable event. It is a picture-perfect location for those couples who are looking for a wedding destination with sun, sand and ocean views. And they have plenty to choose from with more than 30 beautiful islands waiting to host their wedding. As regards the more down-to-earth aspects, weddings in most Caribbean nations are fully legal in many of the American and European countries. So you won’t have any real trouble in getting your marriage registered when you return home. However, you must be careful about the weather and avoid the hurricane season for your wedding.

Wedding In The Caribbean A Cocktail Of Romanticism
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If you are keen on a wedding on the beach or in a swanky five star hotel, your most suitable destination should be the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands or Aruba. If you hate too many tourists, better book your tickets for either of Grenadines, Tobago, Antigua and the British Virgin Islands.

Caribbean weddings offer you a number of all-inclusive wedding and hotel packages. Prices differ greatly, depending on the destination and the resort. Even within the same resort, prices will vary depending on room view and duration of stay. If you contact a resort directly, chances are that it will quote the highest price. So, it is always wise to seek the help of tour operators and specialists who can often arrange substantial discounts for you.
Another factor that influences the cost of your wedding is the season. Prices will be cheaper if you choose a low season for your wedding, such as winter. During a high season, when the demand is high, prices tend to move skywards. Generally, Caribbean weddings may cost you anything from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars depending which island, resort and package you opt for.

Beach wedding

The sheer beauty of the Caribbean is a great attraction for many couples who decide that only a beach wedding is the prefect way to begin their conjugal life. To get married on the beach, you first have to select a suitable one from the many amazing beaches that are found in the Caribbean.

As beaches can get extremely hot at mid day, it is better to arrange the ceremony just before sunset. In this process, you can beat the heat and enjoy a spectacular backdrop as well. For the beach ceremony, you can use an expert local wedding planner to help with the decorations.

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