Wedding Invitations Who Makes The A-List


Who makes the invitation list is a question that most brides have to answer up front. Determining the length of the invitation list plays a big role in everything from the size of the wedding and reception venues to the size of the wedding cake. Brides-to-be need to come up with a rough estimate of their guest list before booking a venue and confirming the wedding date.

With such high stakes and with the economy in the tank, many brides are taking a new look at the guest list. In the past, larger weddings were in vogue. Restaurants are replacing banquet halls, off-the-rack dresses are replacing designer gowns, and brides-to-be are scouring the Internet for deals that will lower the cost of the event significantly. Today, small is the new big. Brides are planning intimate weddings, and the fewer the guests, the better.

One area in which brides can save is on wedding invitations. Kardella has a complete line of pre-printed, do-it-yourself and custom designed wedding invitations. These beautiful packages will fit any budget and can be ordered on the Internet to save even more. If you’re stuck on which invitation to choose, you can purchase a sample pack with all of your potential choices for a nominal fee, and Kardella offers free shipping to any Australian address via the postal service.

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