Wedding Pearls A Traditional Concept Symbolizing Love


The gem and the pearl jewelry in the wedding have been symbolizing the love and the virtue of the spirituality since centuries, regardless of custom, culture and tradition. Pearl has been associated with the auspicious occasion of wedding since a few thousands of years and is believed to have originated from India. Pearl is, as a matter of fact, the perfect element to give a dazzling vision of elegance to the beauty of your true love, bringing bliss to the celebration of their love and togetherness. Since the last few thousands of years the classic jewelry of traditional pearl have been at the hub of the wedding fashion and bridal decoration, although the modern fashion as introduced a great assortment of the pearl jewelry of varied designs, colors, shapes and style.

Wedding Pearls
Wedding Pearls A Traditional Concept Symbolizing Love

The major difference lies in the wedding pearls that were used for decorating the brides during the ancient times were original by nature while nowadays the word pearl denotes the cultured pearls. The modern brides have got a wide range of options to choose from. They prefer to have their wedding pearl jewelries classically matched with their wedding gowns. The designs, colors, and the look of their dream gown actually act as the basis on which they choose their pearl jewelry.

Types of pearls

There are basically four categories of pearls, which are Akoya Pearl, Tahitian Pearl, South Sea Pearl and Freshwater Pearl. Since the Akoya, Tahitian and the South Sea pearls grow in ocean; these pearls are rare and naturally are too expensive as compared to the fresh water pearls.

If you have no a bigger budget range then it would be right to opt for the Akoya pearls for the purpose of wedding. This expensive category of pearls comes in vibrant colors with glossy finish with tremendous high luster. The Akoya pearl make great jewelry for the modern brides.

On the other hand, the brides on tight budget may also be adorned with their dream dress and elegant wedding pearls jewelries. The cultured pearls also make awesome bridal jewelries with discriminatingly awe-inspiring beauteousness. Although not much glossy and richly lustrous, the cultured pearl also have varied colors and quality and hence varied price range. You can find wedding pearl jewelries that can match perfectly with your butter cream satin glorious gowns or the pinkish white frilled Victorian style gowns or even plain second dresses.

The most important thing is to identify the quality. Unless you are quite experienced in the subject, it will be a fool’s errand on your part to go for purchasing your jewelry – especially when it is concerned with the gems and stones. Thorough market study is absolutely essential prior to purchase.

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