Wedding Photos When The Marriage Is Over


Wedding photos capture a timeless event. Unfortunately, a high proportion of couples never make it to Happily Ever After. The question of what becomes of the wedding photos is often troublesome, since they include photographs of cherished family members and friends, intermingled with at least one deceased or not-so-cherished former family member.

Individual portraits of brides, grooms and family members can be kept and displayed. Despite the outcome of a marriage, wedding photos capture images of family members at what should be a happy event. Children of the marriage may appreciate having a photograph of Mum and Dad at a happier time in life, too. If this is the case, these photos should be put away for safekeeping, or turned over to adult children.

In the case of death, photographs of the deceased spouse can be displayed as desired. Divorce, on the other hand, is rarely pleasant or easy, and parents or other family members may harbor warm feelings for a child’s former spouse, much to the disappointment of the divorced family member. In this case, portraits of the couple together or the former spouse individually should not be displayed prominently, but could be moved to a quiet corner, or kept in photo albums that can be stored easily.

Upon remarriage, photographs of former or deceased spouses should not be displayed. Doing so may engender hard feelings in the new spouse or the remarried family member. Instead, photographs from a first marriage should be stored in albums. One exception may be photos that are displayed in the home of adult children of a divorced couple, who may prefer to remember their parents together. Photographs of deceased parents may be displayed as desired.

When divorcing, couples should split the wedding photos appropriately. Once the photos are split, neither party is under any obligation to keep the photos, except as noted earlier with regard to children of the divorced pair.

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