Wedding Planning Requires A Heavy Dose of Reality


If you’re about to start planning a wedding, you’ll quickly come to understand that you can have just about anything you want, but everything you want comes with a price tag attached. For brides-to-be who have spent their formative years mentally planning their weddings, the sticker shock for this one-night event can be overwhelming.

The average traditional Western-style wedding will cost about AUD$40,000, and while many brides-to-be have spent hours daydreaming about their wedding fantasies, few have set aside the cash needed to fund the wedding of their dreams.

The best favour a bride can do herself is to be very realistic about the wedding budget. A solid approach includes deciding up front what the most important elements of the wedding and reception will be, and funding those priorities in light of the money the couple has available to spend.

Being practical may include reducing the guest list down from the ideal to the manageable, and limiting the known budget-busters, like the cost of food and drink, the wedding clothes and other amenities. With each element, look for the most cost-effective way to provide it without going over budget. After all, digging oneself deep into debt is no way start out married life.

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