Wedding Proposal Fiascos

Wedding Proposal Fiascos

Everyone, man or woman, has an image in their head of the perfect proposal. Guys see themselves shouting it from the biggest billboards in the city, in the middle of the biggest sports event of the season, maybe even on your favorite TV show. The women, simply see hope that the man of their dreams will declare their love, drop down on one knee and ask her to marry him. After which she says yes, they kiss and voila! It’s time to get ready for the wedding.

Creating perfect wedding proposals does call for a little planning and forethought (others call for a lot of planning). It is quite easy for something to go, well not exactly wrong but off the planned track, and make the event not quite how you hoped it would be. Here are some examples of funny happenings at wedding proposals.

AJ had arranged to have dinner with his intended bride at his favorite restaurant. He placed the ring in the folds of the napkin she’d be using so that she’d find it shortly after she sat down. Unfortunately, she pulled the folds open too fast, and the ring flew out and rolled away. AJ had all the waiters and guests suddenly looking under their tables for the tiny golden ring. Quite a sight with everyone suddenly below deck, so to speak. The ring was found, the proposal made and she did say yes….laughing all the time.

Sam on the other hand planned a romantic dinner for two. He had everything ready, or so he thought. He had carefully placed the ring her champagne flute so that he could ask her to make a toast, then propose. He didn’t expect that she would knock back her drink so fast and almost swallowed the solitaire. Take note: a glass is never a safe place to put the ring in.

Philip and Lisa met in a charity event held in the park over a year ago. He decided to propose to her on the same spot where they met. Everything was going well. He was all set. He got down on one knee and just as he was about to ask her to marry him…the rain came pouring down. It didn’t stop her from saying yes though they did end up soggy from the rain.

Greg knew his girlfriend Cindy was absolutely crazy about these Russian matryoshka nesting dolls. He’d purchased one that she said she really liked and lay out a trail through their house for her to follow. He’d placed the largest piece about two steps from the doorway with a note asking Cindy to find the next doll. She managed to find all but the last piece he’d set up. Inside it was the engagement ring. The only problem was, the halves got stuck and Cindy couldn’t get the ring out. It took a while, but yes they managed to get the ring on Cindy’s finger and they now have very happy memories associated with the dolls.

In order to avoid these funny scenes, just keep it simple. The ladies will appreciate a simple, heartfelt proposal without the razzmatazz just as much. They’ll still say yes if you’re the one they want and you get to avoid a potentially embarrassing and funny moment.

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