Wedding Speeches by the Best Man


After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party and guests usually attend a less formal wedding reception. This is a celebration where all who attended enjoy a reception dinner, wedding cake, dancing and spending time with the bride and groom on their first day as husband and wife. Few occasions bring about feelings of warmth, love and unity like those brought to the forefront when two people vow to spend their lives together. Being able to capture these emotions in wedding speeches may possibly be one of the high points of a wedding reception.

Traditionally, the father of the bride, the bridegroom and the best man are the ones to give wedding speeches. Today it is common for others in the wedding party to make a speech as well such as the bride, maid of honor, and the parents of the groom.

Wedding Speeches by the Best Man
Photo: Wedding Speeches by the Best Man

The first to speak is the father of the bride, followed by the bridegroom and then the best man. Infused with warmth and humor, this speech is often the most anticipated. If done correctly, wedding speeches by the best man are amusing and heartfelt, but remain tasteful as not to offend those present.

In years past, the maid of honor did not give a speech at the reception, therefore, the best man was viewed as the head of the wedding party. It was customary that he would speak on behalf of the wedding party and would thank the bridegroom for his kind words to the maid of honor and bridesmaids. It is also appropriate, if not required, for the best man to compliment both the bridegroom and bride on how wonderful they look and comment on the beautiful bride and how blessed the bridegroom is to have her by his side. Mentioning the overall success of the wedding is customary in wedding speeches by the best man as well.

After everyone has been acknowledged, then the real fun begins. Wedding speeches by the best man must be humorous. This is not only traditional, but it may have been the deciding factor in him being selected as best man. The bridegroom may have chosen him for this honor because he had faith that he could pull off a heartfelt and tastefully humorous wedding speech! This is not always an easy feat as some jokes may not be appropriate for older and younger generations. If the gentle ribbing is good-natured and special attention given not to offend, wedding speeches given by the best man are assured to be a success.

After the humorous teasing and heartfelt sentiment, it is the best mans responsibility to relay messages and read e-mails from those who were unable to attend the wedding. The bride and groom should review these with the best man before the wedding reception to point out each persons relationship to them. Wedding speeches by the best man should culminate with him once again complimenting the bride and toasting to the couples future happiness.

Wedding speeches given by the best man are often one of the high points of any wedding reception. For the speech to be customary it should contain certain elements. It needs to speak on behalf of the wedding party, be heartfelt and most of all, respectfully humorous.

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