Wedding Speeches by the Bridegroom


The bridegrooms speech is customarily the second of the wedding speeches given at a wedding reception and follows the parents of the bride speech. Public speaking is a common fear among many and giving wedding speeches may be just as fear producing as speaking in front of a large group of work associates. Knowing what tradition dictates in wedding speeches will not only aid in producing a memorable speech, but also help to alleviate the stress at not knowing what to say or what is expected.

Wedding speeches given by the groom is an opportunity to publicly acknowledge those who helped to make the wedding a reality. Thanks should be given to family and friends for attending and those who were in the wedding party. If the bride has opted out of giving wedding speeches the groom will be speaking on behalf of the both of them. In this case, it is imperative that he use the word instead of in his speech and to thank those who participated in both wedding parties.

Time should be taken to give special thanks to those who traveled a long distance to attend the wedding and reception. It is not necessary to list each person by name, but if they are comfortable with the attention they may appreciate that their time and effort was acknowledged.

Wedding speeches given by the groom should then focus on his parents. This is the time for him to thank them for their contributions to the wedding and their ongoing support throughout his life. His words need to be spoken from the heart and express his deep affection for his parents. Although most parents know that their child cares for them, the groom publicly acknowledging those feelings at his wedding reception will be a memory his parents will carry with them always.

After the groom speaks to and about his parents, the wedding speeches should then thank those who were in the wedding party. He should introduce the members of his wedding party by mentioning the groomsmen, best man and the ring bearer. Special attention should be given to how they helped to support him during the planning phase of the wedding. The groom should then thank his best man and share with those attending why he was chosen for this honor. He can inject humor by relaying a funny, but appropriate, story about some of their escapades and also take a moment to let the best man know how highly he regards their friendship.

Wedding speeches given by the groom should then be directed to his lovely bride. This is the grooms opportunity to both publicly acknowledge and let his wife know how much he loves her and is looking forward to spending their lives together. He can also share with those attending how they met and when he first knew that she was the woman he wanted to marry.

It is customary at the end of wedding speeches given by the groom for a toast to be offered to the maid of honor and bridesmaids. The perfect ending to a speech filled with love and thanks could be a romantic kiss given to the woman who is now his wife.

Preparing and giving a speech often causes feelings of stress. Wedding speeches given by the groom are comprised of several traditional elements. Knowing what is expected in his speech may aid the groom in preparing his speech and possibly alleviate some of his pre-wedding speech gitters.

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