Wedding Speeches by the Father of the Bride


Wedding speeches given by the father of the bride, or the brides parents speech, are traditionally the first speech given at a wedding reception. Of all the wedding speeches given, the father of the bride speech is usually the most touching and sentimental. The symbolic gesture of “giving his daughter away” at the wedding ceremony is often a bittersweet event for a father. Wedding speeches that are able to capture and convey these bittersweet emotions will stir hearts and create a fond memory that will not soon be forgotten. Although wedding speeches should be spoken from the heart, there are customary elements that should be included in a brides parents speech.

Wedding Speeches by Father of the Bride
Photo: Wedding Speeches by the Father of the Bride

Wedding speeches given by the father of the bride or another individual substituting in their place, should be between seven to ten minutes long. This will ensure that time is allotted for others giving wedding speeches. The speech should begin with an opening statement such as a humorous anecdote or letting those in attendance know that he is slightly nervous about giving a speech. After the opening line, the speaker should thank those who financially contributed to the wedding, those involved in its planning and organization and everyone for attending.

The brides father speech should also include observations about the wedding itself. This could be a comment on how beautiful the wedding turned out to be, how happy and in love the couple appear to be or relaying an amusing event leading up to the wedding. Additional sentiments pertaining to his role as a father to the bride such as preparing the speech, giving his daughter away and the joy the day has brought him can also be conveyed in wedding speeches.

Wedding speeches by the father of the bride would not be complete without affectionate sentiments spoken to and about his daughter. These words need to be spoken from the heart and can include how beautiful she looks, how proud he is of her, and the happiness she has brought to his life. This part of the speech can be light hearted as well by gently poking fun at his daughter and speaking about the special bond they hold. He should take this opportunity to let his daughter know that she is loved and cared for deeply and although she is a married woman, she will always remain his little girl.

Other elements that can be included in wedding speeches by the father of the bride are information about the bride and grooms relationship and romance such as how they met, when he first noticed that his daughter was in love, how well suited the couple are for one another and his reaction to the news of their engagement. The speech can be concluded by expressing confidence in their relationship and wishing them success and happiness as they begin a new chapter as man and wife.

Wedding speeches given by the father of the bride are beautiful and sentimental as the father speaks of his love for his daughter and his wish for the newly wedded couples future happiness. Giving a speech can be stressful regardless the event. Knowing what is customary in a father of the bride speech can help to make it a speech that will not soon be forgotten by those in attendance.

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