Wedding Speeches by the Maid of Honour


There is no greater honour than to be asked to give a wedding speech. Traditionally, only three wedding speeches were given, the parents of the brides speech, grooms speech and the best man speech. Today, this tradition has been tossed to the wind and others are asked to step forward and give a speech, or a long toast, to the bride and groom. Other individuals such as the bride, maid of honour and the parents of the groom are giving wedding speeches as well. Since this is a break from tradition, there are no hard and set rules as to what is expected in these wedding speeches. This allows for more creativity, but can also be stress producing if you are unsure of what to say.

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Wedding Speeches by the Maid of Honour

If you were asked to be the maid of honour at a close friends wedding you may also be called upon to give a wedding speech. Public speaking is a common fear among many. If you are one of these chosen few, you may want to become familiar with wedding speeches and what is customarily conveyed to help relieve pre-speech gitters. By gaining knowledge about wedding speeches, you can craft a speech that is both heart warming and compliments wedding speeches given by others.

Since maid of honour speeches were not usually given, there isnt a set placement for the speech as those given by the father of the bride, groom and best man. However, wedding speeches given by the maid of honour usually fall before or after the parents of the groom speech. This detail will ultimately be up to the discretion of the couple.

If you have been asked to be the maid of honour and speak at the reception, you may want to start by thanking those that contributed their time to preparing for the wedding. For example, you could acknowledge those who helped decorate the reception hall, helped with wedding invitations or made wedding favours. You would not want to include the officiant, those who made the wedding cake or the caterer, as these individuals will most likely be mentioned in the brides parents speech. This spoken thank you and acknowledgment of their hard work will mean a lot to those who helped to make the wedding a reality.

Wedding speeches given by the maid of honour should then be directed toward the bride. You could speak of your relationship with the bride or mention special times you spent together. If you decide to take your cue from the best man speech and make your speech humorous, steer clear of any stories or anecdotes that may embarrass or humiliate the bride. If you are unsure if a particular joke or story may cause embarrassment it would be best to err on the side of caution and leave it out.

Nearing the end of wedding speeches given by the maid of honour, it is imperative to remember to mention the groom. You can state how happy and in love your friend, the bride, appears to be whenever she is with her beloved or how you knew that he was the “one” for her. It would be endearing to mention what a wonderful choice she made in a husband and that you wish them nothing but love, happiness and success in their future together.

You could cap off your speech with a heartfelt poem that expresses your thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to convey or if you are married, words of wisdom on what constitutes a loving, successful marriage. Before handing over the microphone to the next individual giving wedding speeches be sure to offer up a toast to the next speaker. Although there are no hard and set rules to giving a maid of honour speech, it is helpful to have a guideline to ensure the speech goes smoothly and compliments other wedding speeches.

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