Wedding Speeches Etiquette


A wedding is one of the most beautiful of ceremonies where two people commit their lives to one another. To love honour and cherish till death us do part are vows exchanged before the loving couple begin their lives together. Many hours, days and often months are spent in preparation for the big occasion. The couple strives to make it a day to remember. Much thought is given to every detail to ensure perfection from the wedding invitations, wedding dress, wedding speeches, brides maids dresses, tuxedos, flower girl, ring bearer, wedding cake, and choice of reception hall.

Wedding Speeches Etiquette

If planning the perfect wedding without the aid of a wedding planner, it is imperative to become informed about wedding etiquette. A traditional wedding ceremony follows a prescribed format such as the ushers seating guests in the bride or groom section of the church, the flower girl delicately tossing flowers down the isle to the officiant, followed by the groomsmen escorting the bridesmaids to the front of the church to stand side by side, behind and to the side of the bride.

The formal wedding ceremony usually culminates with a more informal reception. The reception is an occasion for celebration. Friends and family of the couple gather together to enjoy a meal, dance, partake of the wedding cake, and toast to the couple future happiness. Although the reception is an informal occasion set aside for the couple to celebrate with their family and guests, there is a certain prescribed etiquette for wedding speeches.

Traditionally, there are three accepted wedding speeches given at the wedding reception. These wedding speeches include the brides fathers speeches, the bridegrooms speeches and best mans wedding speeches. It is not customary for other wedding speeches to be given, however, they are permissible and often welcomed. The bridegrooms father may take this time to give a short speech thanking everyone who participated in assisting the couple with their wedding and reception. Along with the best mans speech, the bride may want her maid of honour to give a speech as well.

First, the father of the bride is asked by the best man to propose a toast to the health and happiness of the bride and groom. Before the father of the bride gives the toast, he would first welcome the groom and the grooms parents into the family and say a few words about his daughter. Wedding speeches given by the father of the bride are often bittersweet as the father reflects on his daughters life to the present and the emotions he feels regarding giving away his little girl.

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