Wedding Speeches Given by the Bride

Wedding Speeches Bride
Wedding Speeches Given by the Bride

The father of the bride, the bridegroom and the best man are traditionally the ones to give wedding speeches. However, in the 21st Century this tradition is no longer so rigid. Others in the wedding party have opted to take center stage and the microphone to lend their thoughts and feelings on this specialist of occasions. Wedding speeches given by others besides the father of the bride, bridegroom and best man are allowed more creativity since there are no set rules.

In years past, the bride did not give wedding speeches and her new husband spoke on her behalf in the grooms speech. Today, brides are not content to remain passive and allow their husband to speak for them. This is the day they have dreamed of and planned to the minutest detail for months, if not years to ensure its perfection and they have much they want to say! Since there are no rules or restrictions on wedding speeches given by the bride, she has full creative reign. However, there are certain elements that can be included in the speech that will allow hers to compliment the wedding speeches traditionally given by the father of the bride, bridegroom and best man.

Wedding speeches by the bride can begin by acknowledging the speaker that has gone before. It will probably be a speech given by another non-traditional speaker such as the maid of honor or the parents of the groom. Since these speeches are not customary there is no set sequence as there are with the traditional wedding speeches. Many brides choose to give their speech last in order to give a final thanks to everyone for attending, for their gifts and making the wedding and reception memorable. If the bride opts to give the last speech, those guests who traveled long distances to attend the wedding have probably been mentioned previously. Therefore, she could take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank long lost friends and relatives who attended.

The groom will know that his bride will be giving a speech and will only thank those in his wedding party instead of both. This allows the bride to personally thank her maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girl. She can also take this time to let those in her wedding party know how much their friendship means to her and share an amusing story that occurred before or after the wedding.

Wedding speeches given by the bride should include a sentimental tribute to her parents. She can convey a fond memory about her childhood, respond to a statement made by her father in his wedding speech, and tell them from the heart that even though she is now a married woman they will remain an integral part of her life. The more touching and sentimental the better as the wedding of their little girlĀ is a bittersweet event for any parent.

The in-laws should be mentioned next in wedding speeches given by the bride. She can take this opportunity to thank them for any financial contributions they provided to make the wedding a reality and for welcoming her into the family. She can state that they did a wonderful job on raising their son and how blessed she feels to have him as her husband.

Wedding speeches given by the bride would not be complete if her new husband and love of her life was not mentioned. This is where she can be especially creative. She can speak of her hopes and dreams of the future with her beloved, how they met, when she first knew she was in love or how he proposed. Nothing is off limits. This is where in wedding speeches given by the bride that she can publicly confess to those attending the wedding and her husband just how much he means to her.

Wedding speeches by the bride were not traditionally given. However, brides of today are opting to take the microphone, alongside their husband, to thank all who attended the wedding, her parents, in-laws, wedding party and most of all her new husband whom she will be spending her life with.

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