Wedding Stationary, Wholesale and Discounted Stationary


From a tiny age, we all think about our wedding day. The one day in our lives when we will feel truly special. A day of love, romance and pure happiness. A day to share with our loved family and friends. So much planning goes in to this one special day! So many choices, so many decisions!

Wedding Stationary
Wedding Stationary, Wholesale and Discounted Stationary

Although necessary, wedding stationary can often be just another stress in our lives. So why not take a little help? In our experience, there are several things to consider when choosing stationary for the wedding:

1 – What impression do you want to give your guests?

The invitations (or save the date cards) will be the first impressions your guests receive of your special day. They will give your guests an insight in to your personality, taste and plans for the day (e.g. whether it will be a formal or informal day of celebration) So think about what impression you want to create; what the theme and colours of your day are and try to tie these things in to your wedding stationary.

2 – What is your budget? Discount, wholesale wedding stationery serves to prevent overruns on the budget, but might leave the wrong impression on guests.

It’s so easy to get carried away so before you start looking, set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. In our experience, there are so many wedding companies out there that you brides have more bargaining power than you realize! If the stationary for the wedding is outside your budget, don’t be afraid to contact the wedding suppliers and let them know your situation. Many wedding stationary companies will be willing to drop their prices marginally to bring their designs within your price range OR to work with you on suitable alternatives.

3 – What items do you need?

Obviously wedding invitation stationary is a must!

If you are planning to invite more guests to an evening reception, you would also need to consider evening invitations. These can be the same, cheaper versions of or completely different to the day invitations.

Save the Date cards are useful if you are getting married during a busy holiday period OR if you have guests who need to travel a long way. However, these are NOT essential stationary items for weddings.

Order of Service are lovely to have at the ceremony, especially if you have parts of the ceremony that require the guests participation (e.g. songs). However, if you are on a very tight budget, try printing them yourself and tying them with ribbon!

Place cards are fantastic for sit down meals. They avoid any confusion over who is sitting where and if chosen properly can add beautiful decoration to the table!

There are obviously many more items to purchase but these are the main ones that people tend to be concerned with.

4 – Should you make your own?

In our experience, do it yourself wedding invitations and wedding stationery is lovely. It does create a real impression with your guests. BUT BEWARE! More often than not, when you work out the individual costs of making your own, it can often be more expensive than buying them.

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