Wedding Supplies Guide


A quick look at the things that belong under the heading “items needed for the wedding” illustrates one very important point. The people who contribute to the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception supply the bride and groom with assurance that things will run smoothly. They should not be a secondary consideration for anyone who’s compiling a list of wedding supplies.

At the wedding ceremony, there should be ushers, men who can direct the guests to their seats. If the ceremony is to take place in a church or synagogue, then the couple should plan to secure an organist, so that the seated guests can hear suitable music. If the couple wants the guests to hear vocal music, then they must hire a singer. At many weddings, a couple takes directions from an appropriate member of the clergy, a man or woman who conducts the wedding ceremony.

Consideration of wedding supplies can not overlook the needed help at the wedding reception. At the reception, the guests deserve the most hospitable treatment. There should be servers at the reception. Those servers should carry the food and drinks prepared by one or more cooks. If the bride and groom plan to serve cocktails at the reception, then they should hire a bartender.

Once a future bride and groom have spoken with those hired to handle the wedding’s most vital functions, then they should turn their attention to the other wedding supplies. They should arrange for flowers at the wedding ceremony. They should have corsages for the ushers, and for the others who’ve been asked to take part in the wedding ceremony.

Does the tradition of the bride and/or the groom’s family call for more than flowers? Perhaps it demands a pre-reception treat, something such as tea and fruit. Perhaps tradition calls for the placement of photographs at the wedding ceremony. Tradition can determine the exact nature of the wedding supplies.

At the reception, the guests should sit at tables with good-quality linen. For a limited number of guests, the food should be served on china, rather than on disposable dinnerware. The master of ceremonies at the reception should have good audio equipment. If the reception is to take place outdoors, then that fact adds to the list of needed wedding supplies.

In the summer, the food should be protected from flying insects. In the spring or autumn, the guests would probably appreciate an outdoor heating element.

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