Wedding Toast Samples


The toast gives a clear-cut indication of what actually the speaker wants to say and what actually he is bearing in his heart regarding his partner who he is going to accept for the entire life. Naturally while you think of the wedding toast think of it with utmost seriousness. A well-constructed wedding toast not only gives you immense pleasure while delivering it, but it takes you to the utmost reef of satisfaction as well. The preparation of wedding toast involves certain salient factors such as inner sense, creative soul, artistic mind and finally the technical know-how of writing correct pieces to express correct feelings for the correct person at the correct time. Such a beautifully created wedding toast would not only serve the purpose for the particular special day but would remain as a priceless souvenir for the entire life and would fill the heart with all the colors and happiness of the very special day even after few decades down the line.

Wedding toast sample

There are loads of thoughtful samples that one can find in the Internet and in books written by renowned authors. Howbeit here is one of such a sample that can give a proper guideline as to how actually the wedding toast be constructed and how does it sound like. Here goes the writing:

To all honored guests present in this auspicious marriage ceremony of REVA and REX; welcome.

It is really awe-inspiring to get together for all of us in the midst of the unswerving aestheticism of the nature. Let me at the outset give my vivid introduction to you all. I am RIN – elder sister of REVA and I believe form the core of my heart that I am in possession of a unique mental view just on the kind of soul and psyche we are dealing with here in this lovely angel. The mystic ocean in front of us merges together with the blue welkin at the horizon to emblematize the unification of two souls – REVA and REX. With the over flowing joy in the special occasion I am here to share a few small things about beautiful angel that I have come to know after seeing her closely for years.

In brief, REVA has been an excellent performer during her school day and even in the college she used to be at the top of the show. She is the best person I have ever seen and she is a blind lover of little kids with a special soft corner for kids of the downtrodden section of the society, in her heart. She has an NGO that works for the welfare of these poor kids. On the other level, she is an extraordinary tap dancer, a successful artist and an avid animal lover as well. She is also a wondrous teacher and her character betokens her angelic magnanimity.

But most significantly and to far greater length, I would like to delineate some facts about my beloved little sister REVA that all of you and REX especially should know.

REVA was quite naughty as a young child and was highly clumsy as well. Everyday she would return from the school, with her knee or an arm skinned off. She liked chocolates and ice creams so much that she would want to have them in her lunch and her dinner instead of any other food. This is what she has not left behind with the passage of days like her naughtiness.

As a matter of fact, the reason we are all here today in the midst of the expansive nature, to celebrate your marriage to REX, is an astounding case in point. You are just wonderful – and that’s beyond all controversies.

To REVA, my angelic sister and to REX, my brand new brother, I wish you all the millions of reasons that will put evergreen smile on your face in course of the long and well-balanced life.

You’re the best in the world, sister dear. And I’ll love you till the last drop of my life.

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