What Are Silver Promise Rings


Silver is a grayish white precious metal and is known for its luster and beauty. Sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper is usually used in making ornaments. It is believed that silver has the properties to burn the evils or supernatural entities like werewolves, vampires and undead. Not only for supernatural powers, but also there are lots of medicinal properties of silver, due to which it is considered as auspicious in few countries, and is used in the jewelry.

Silver Promise Rings
What Are Silver Promise Rings

Silver promises ring are often given to a person with whom one wants to have a long lasting or committed relationship. These rings are usually exchanged between young people, who go to school, and not much between more matured couples who are already committed in their relationship. When the relationship matures, and the couple decides to marry, it is succeeded by the engagement and then followed by wedding. Both persons, who give and wear a silver promise ring are supposed to be sure of the reason for which it is given or worn. It would avoid future confusion, problem, and undercurrents. Mostly, females are given these wedding rings to be worn; however, even men can wear it. These rings can be given even to a beloved member of the family on a special occasion to show one’s affection.

It is a belief that the silver promise rings keep the relationship safer from the eyes of enemies as silver acts against evil. Different types of precious stones embedded in a ring of silver would be a different kind of gift to make a person delightful. It would be thrilling to present the ring as a sudden surprise, however, the design and the choice of the precious can be left to the interest and taste of the person, who would wear it. One of the significance of this unique band is that it keeps the couple away from engaging themselves in any premarital sex. Silver promise ring with thoughtful wordings also makes a wonderful wedding gift.

There are disadvantages in gifting promise rings of silver. One is the low susceptibility of silver for tarnishing and scratching, due to which the ring may lose its originality in long run. One cannot wear it all their life, as it may not withstand the wear and tear. It can be worn on special occasions and has to be stored in a cool, but dry place to retain its luster. However, one can even polish it when the luster or it beauty is lost.

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