What Is The Wedding Party


Depending upon the wedding arrangements, sometimes the bride and groom have a separate wedding party. Typically, it’s that symbolic last night on the town with the guys or the girls.

Stag Party

The groom’s friends or at least his best man and ushers; take him out for a night on the town. Sometimes it’s a night of barhopping, other times it’s one strip club after the other. Ideally, we’d all like to think the wedding party happens this way only when groom has the approval of the bride to be when the latter happens to be the case. The best man typically withdraws large amounts of money from the bank, cashes them in for one dollar bills, and has the groom hand the money one bill at a time to the exotic dancers in exchange for things generally not seen in public. The best man, the wedding party, and of course the groom proceed to spend money hand over fist on booze and adult entertainment until late parts of the night most of us call the early morning. As far as customs go, the groom’s side of it is some combination of the above.

Stag Party
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Bridal Shower

Depending upon the bride, they may or may not hire adult entertainment like their male counterparts. In the bride’s case, her night of course involves her half of the wedding party: the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. The occasion is a surprise party for the bride half of the time, and usually all the female guests invited to the wedding are invited to bring gifts to the party for the bride. Gifts are generally dictated by either the bride’s living needs, such as new house wares, or occasionally a little something for the honeymoon like lingerie. Commonly as well, festivities are had in excess, and sometimes the girls go out as well and play games they’ve invented. These games are centralized around pair bonding themes, and there’s no norm when it comes to the inventiveness of it. Competitions like trying to see how many phone numbers they can get aren’t unheard of, and activities can also include scavenger hunts.

Bridal Shower


The wedding party generally occurs within days of the wedding itself, if not the night before. The custom is that the bride and the groom can’t see each other for at least 24 hours until its time to tie the knot and make it official. The main purpose of a wedding party is a well needed distraction from the planning and the stress which comes from arranging the entire wedding, and in many cases, it’s a well deserved and well needed break before the big day. Having a wedding party also keeps the bride and the groom from going ballistic or getting cold feet right at the very end. Sanity is a good thing and something to bear in mind when preparing to make such a big commitment, one a wedding party can help smooth the transition into. If anything and above all else, the wedding party should also be the celebration of the rest of a very happy life together.

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