When Do You Give Out Unique Groomsmen Gifts?


Personalization is the key to unique groomsmen gifts. Gifts with engraving of a name, initials or date are always just a little more appreciated and special. Typically a groom will give every member of his wedding party the same gift. Many times grooms don’t know when the best time is to hand out their cool groomsmen gifts. Here are some suggestions as to when to hand out those gifts:

Give your unique groomsmen gifts BEFORE the wedding. This almost seems like it does not make sense. You would think that you’d want to wait until after the wedding, make sure everyone did their duty, and then you would give each groomsman a reward for a job well done. This is not how it works. You asked your friends or relatives to be groomsmen because you already knew they were reliable and would pull through for you no matter what. You’re giving them gifts for wearing the tuxedo, taking time out of their own busy schedules and being by your side on your special day.

Give out unique groomsmen gifts at the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is a perfect time. This dinner is one of the last times the best man, groomsmen and ushers are all together in a relaxed setting. All the crucial people in your wedding are at the rehearsal dinner. Take advantage of this opportunity. While you are all waiting for your meals to be served, it is the ideal time for you to say a few words of thanks. You can make a short statement or reminisce about each of your friends as you hand out the interesting and unique groomsmen gifts you’ve selected around the table.

Give the wedding party gifts at the bachelor party or “guys only” event. This is the best choice if the gifts are wild and crazy and you don’t really want to hand them out in front of the various moms and dads. If your gifts are engraved flasks, for example, pass them out at the bachelor party and fill them with everyone’s favorite liquor. Just be sure that this bachelor party is happening a few weeks before the wedding so you’re not a mess for your wedding photos!

Last resort – hand out your cool groomsmen gifts after the wedding. Ok, so you went over budget on your wedding or simply procrastinated and waited too long to order your groomsman gifts. Maybe the shipper misrouted your gifts and they are on a train to Canada. Better late than never. Your friends will be happy to accept a unique groomsman gift after the wedding. The downside is that it will take you much more effort to chase down everyone individually or for you to mail each gift separately. Regardless of when you give out the groomsmen gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. Everyone likes to receive a gift. Customized gifts are unique groomsmen gifts that are cherished for a lifetime.

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