Why Have A Wedding Theme?


Well, the easy answer is that it doesn’t, but that not exactly true either. In fact, the truth is that almost all wedding have a theme. The theme of a wedding is whatever aspect is used to pull it all together. The most wildly used themes are colors and flowers. For example, my first wedding had a blue theme and shades of blue were used through out the event to create a unified feeling. Black and White is another color scheme coming back in full force recently. Other common floral themes are roses, calla lilies and orchids. Today, many brides are choosing to go for more unique and personal themes for a number of reasons, and those are generally what you think of when you hear “wedding theme” Themes like Tiffany Blue, Diamonds, Princess/Cinderella, and others. Yes, themes can be tacky if done wrong but a well done theme can make a regular wedding completely unique and unforgettable.

Benefits of planning around a central theme:

  • Coordination: When all aspects of the wedding are planned around one central theme, even if it is just in color, it creates a much more coordinated look that flows from one area to the next nicely and adds to the elegance of the occasion.
  • Tradition: Today’s couples bring many varied pasts and histories into their marriages and choose to have a culturally themed wedding to honor those heritages.
  • Personality: Weddings today are no longer just cookie cutter occasions – they are reflections of the couple, their relationship and their personalities. Many people are choosing themes that play out on those aspects of their own lives in order to add more personality and meaning to their weddings. For example, a couple who meet in school may want to do a School Sweethearts theme. Another couple, who are avid baseball fans may want to have a sports themed wedding.
  • Preference: Sometimes, brides will pick a theme just simply because they want to. For one reason or another, the theme idea appealed to the couple. This type of theme may not be tied to any particular part of the couple’s lives per say – but still brings out an aspect of their personalities into the event itself.
  • Setting The Mood – A theme can also help set the mood and tone for an event. For example, a Diamond theme or Black and White theme will most likely lead to a very formal, very elegant wedding. A baseball or western theme is most likely going to lead to a much more informal, casual fun wedding. Neither is one – it is just a matter of personal choice and preference.

So, when it comes down to it – yes, you do need a theme but you get to decide what that means. If you wish to plan your wedding around the wedding colors you have picked out and carry that through as your central theme, that is perfect. If you prefer to go the next step with a more personalized theme, that is wonderful as well.

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